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Call For Sites ~ The Society’s Appraisal


Should Maidstone Borough Council Consider Suspending Its House Building Programme

Apple Tree House, Ware Street ~ Planning Application

Local Plan Review Call For Sites ~ Updated November 2019

Local Plan Review ~ Updated October 2019

New Schools ~ Perimeter Fence ~ Updated November 29th 2019


Roadworks Likely To Cause Delays

A249 ~ Bearsted Road Improvements ~ Updated November 29th 2019

Birling Avenue ~ Long Term Road Closure ~ November 2019

Town Centre ~ Road Closure ~ November & December 2019

Water Lane Roundwell ~ Long Term Road Closure ~ December 2019         

New Cut Road ~ Traffic Lights ~ January 2020

Weavering Street ~ Road Closure ~ February 2020

Ware Street ~ Road Closure ~ February 2020

Windmill Heights ~ Road Closure ~ February 2020

Grovewood Drive South ~ Road Closure ~ February 2020


Telephone Scams

New Schools ~ Revised Application ~ Updated April 2019

Cross Keys ~ Lilk Meadow ~Revised Application ~ Updated June 2019

     Binbury Park   Barty Farm


The Society cares about Bearsted and Thurnham and their residents. It is vigilant in scrutinising proposals for change which might threaten the character of the two parishes, their gardens and other green open spaces, their Conservation Areas, the North Downs Area of outstanding Natural Beauty, and the area of special landscape value in its foreground.

The Society liaises closely with the representatives of the two Parish Councils, with Kent County Council and with Maidstone Borough Council, with whom it is registered as the amenity group for the two parishes.

It submits comments on planning applications and planning policy, road safety, traffic, public transport, amenities, litter, trees, open spaces, water, crime and anti social behaviour and other local matters.

It attends Council meetings at parish, borough and county levels to monitor and, where appropriate, comment on, or object to, proposals affecting Bearsted and Thurnham.

It works in close contact with concerned local residents.

Members are kept abreast of important news via email, on this website and by occasional leaflet drops.