Development & Planning

Local planning proposals are attached to a lamp posts etc near to the application site and some very local residents may receive notification from the Borough Council Planning Department though there is no legal requirement to do so.

The Society does issue to its members who are on e mail planning lists relating to planning proposals in Bearsted and Thurnham together with details of how to access the proposal plans.

By attaching to 'links' on left subheads above - then Maidstone Borough Council- then Planning Applications - then insert a planning reference - and attach to search and  all the documents will be listed -highlight them individually and attach to view at top of list and the document or plan will be displayed.

The Society recommends to concerned members that they contact the Society (see contact us subhead) or the Vice Chairman identifying issues.
While the Society aims to scrutinise applications and register serious issues with the local authority it does expect to work in support and alongside concerned residents.

The Society liaises closely with the two Parish Councils and with our borough Councillors to ensure that objectionable applications are not decided by officials under delegated powers but are called in to the Council's Planning Committee for decision. The Society attends and speaks at those meetings when necessary. The Society tries to ensure that residents in the areas affected by the most questionable applications are made aware of them.