Woodcut Farm

Woodcut Farm

The planning application for wholly speculative commercial development at Woodcut Farm (agricultural land north of J8) is to be determined by Maidstone Borough Council’s Planning Committee next Thursday 30th June at the Town Hall at 6 p.m.

The Society is extremely concerned that, despite the Local Plan being under consideration by a Planning Inspector, with the Examination due in late September or early October, MBC officers appear to be rushing this application through (see the attached Committee report recommending approval) before the Inspector barely has time to read about it.

This may be the last chance to save the countryside at J8, the eastern part of the former KIG site, between the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Leeds Castle from disappearing for ever. Other items on the agenda are for further enormous housing developments at Langley (850 houses, business and retail) and Langley/Otham (several hundred houses) effectively extending Maidstone even further eastwards from Park Wood enveloping the historic settlement of Langley.

If you have the stamina please copy and paste all the members of Maidstone Borough Council listed below into an email requesting that this item be withdrawn from the agenda next Thursday. Attached are the two letters the Society has sent on your behalf about this development. Unfortunately as this agenda has already been published on MBC’s website the item can only be withdrawn by members at the meeting.

The more members of the public who attend this meeting the better to show the strength of feeling against such development in open countryside.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

keithadkinson@maidstone.gov.uk; annabelleblackmore@maidstone.gov.uk; mattboughton@maidstone.gov.uk; louisebrice@maidstone.gov.uk; DavidBurton@maidstone.gov.uk; mattburton@maidstone.gov.uk; brianclark@maidstone.gov.uk; martincox@maidstone.gov.uk; mikecuming@maidstone.gov.uk; dandaley@maidstone.gov.uk; simonells@maidstone.gov.uk; cliveenglish@maidstone.gov.uk; emilyfermor@maidstone.gov.uk; nicolafissenden@maidstone.gov.uk; gillfort@maidstone.gov.uk; christophergarland@maidstone.gov.uk; patrikgarten@maidstone.gov.uk; faygooch@maidstone.gov.uk; malcolmgreer@maidstone.gov.uk; susangrigg@maidstone.gov.uk; paulharper@maidstone.gov.uk; georgiaharvey@maidstone.gov.uk; tonyharwood@maidstone.gov.uk; michellehastie@maidstone.gov.uk; michaelhemsley@maidstone.gov.uk; wendyhinder@maidstone.gov.uk; denisejoy@maidstone.gov.uk; dianalewins@maidstone.gov.uk; stevemcloughlin@maidstone.gov.uk; DerekMortimer@maidstone.gov.uk; stevemunford@maidstone.gov.uk; Davidnaghi@maidstone.gov.uk; gordonnewton@maidstone.gov.uk; JohnPerry@Maidstone.gov.uk; davidpickett@maidstone.gov.uk; eddpow@hotmail.com; shellinaprendergast@maidstone.gov.uk; mikerevell@maidstone.gov.uk; marionring@maidstone.gov.uk; cynthiarobertson@maidstone.gov.uk; martinround@maidstone.gov.uk; tomsams@maidstone.gov.uk; valspringett@maidstone.gov.uk; paulinastockell@maidstone.gov.uk; Bryanvizzard@maidstone.gov.uk; richardwebb@maidstone.gov.uk; jadewebster@maidstone.gov.uk; nickdewiggondene@maidstone.gov.uk; paulwilby@maidstone.gov.uk; JamesWillis@maidstone.gov.uk; franwilson@maidstone.gov.uk